Anna Cantwell



The quiet solitude and physical challenge of yoga enthralled Anna from a young age.

 Anna celebrates and explores many types of yoga. While teaching high school in Houston and receiving her Master’s degree, she fell in love with Baptiste yoga and practiced daily to relieve clinical anxiety and chronic pain. Forrest yoga was her next discovery, which lead her to healing of emotional and physical trauma. She found that the alignment-focused, breath-based, build-your- own-heat practice was both deeply confronting and rewarding.

She found Mind-Tribes, a yoga inspired coaching company, and has trained as a course facilitator, leading virtual goal coaching programs, like Declare & Deliver. She offers private coaching for individuals to uncover blocks & move past them into their most authentic, fully expressed & fulfilled self through language precision, inspired action, goal setting, and accountability. 

For meditation, Anna primarily works on-on-one with those that grapple with everyday or clinical anxiety, depression, IBS, and chronic pain. Her clients experience lasting transformation physically, emotionally, and mentally! 

Through spiritual & philosophical exploration in the practice of yoga & meditation, she discovered the lens of Medicine cards, the language of animals, and intuiting nature’s many messages. Anna has connected with and rescued animals since she was 4 years old. She offers card readings & guidance on interpreting animal wisdom & communications.



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