Move. Embody. Grow.


Mind Tribes empowers and moves you to design your personal template for embodied living, such that you are unconstrained, whole and harmonious in all realms.

Our mission is to pull you to stay uncomfortable and hungry for growth, such that you experience a quantum leap in results.

Our name comes from the idea that before cultural, social, and regional boundaries, people formed tribes to be connected through the same language, practices, and ideas. As Mind Tribes, we are committed to creating tribes of individuals equipped with the tools of yoga and mindfulness.

Whether you’re a business executive, a parent, a student, a small business owner or a full-time yoga teacher, our results are the same. Our commitment is that everyone who is a part of our Tribe will enhance, refine, sharpen and master the tools that transform them into a high-impact leader.


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Private Coaching

Up-level your exponential growth through personalized coaching calls.

Available weekly or biweekly, in 30- and 60-minute time slots.

Investment: $100/hr

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