Private Yoga

In the privacy of my home studio or your own home, melt into bliss with an experience tailored to you. Enjoy a 60-minute yoga flow sequenced around your goals, injuries, sensitivities.

Session includes

aromatherapy consultation
custom playlist
remarkable hands-on adjustments
option for use of additional plant medicine + herbs + crystals

$200 per session
$1500 for 10-pack (10 hours)

Corporate yoga

Reinvigorate your employees with a 30- or 60-minute beginner-friendly yoga practice. Can be modified to be done in office attire. Mats and props provided.

$200/hr up to 20 people

Private Coaching

Level up your exponential growth through personalized coaching calls. Available weekly or biweekly, in 30- and 60-minute time slots.


Group Coaching

MindTRIBES: declare & deliver (starts August 25th)
Move. Embody. Grow.

Mind Tribes empowers and moves you to design your personal template for embodied living, such that you are unconstrained, whole and harmonious in all realms. Our mission is to pull you to stay uncomfortable and hungry for growth, such that you experience a quantum leap in results.

Whether you’re a business executive, a parent, a student, a small business owner or a full-time yoga teacher, our results are the same. Our commitment is that everyone who is a part of our Tribe will enhance, refine, sharpen and master the tools that transform them into a high-impact leader.

Animal Totem Invocation

All of us have animal totems that guide us through the whirlwind that is life—typically, there are nine in total, and one that follows us through our lifetime on this physical plane. I’ll guide you through a meditation to reveal any animal guides that are present, or grow your present connection to animals that might have been appearing in dreams or attempting to send you messages. After the reveal, we will delve into the meaning and symbolism of your totem.

Session includes

1-hour invocation
guidance + mantras
recommendations for home practices
typed summary

$150 per session

Private meditation

Welcome home—return to yourself with personalized meditation instruction. Discover your peace with 60 minutes to hone in on your specific goals for your practice. Available in your home, my home studio, public studio or via video chat (Zoom, Skype).

Session includes

instruction based in ancient Mindfulness meditation
breathwork + aromatherapy consultation
unlimited access to guided meditation recordings and session tapes
option for use of additional plant medicine + herbs + crystals

$200 per session
$1500 for 10-pack (10 hours)

Corporate Meditation

Infuse your office with mindfulness practices to increase productivity, reduce stress & anxiety, and heighten creative thinking and problem solving. Employees will practice breathwork, single focus, and follow along with a guided meditation.

$200 for 1x weekly session
$1000 for 6 sessions in a month

Animal Medicine Card Reading

Calling on the magic of the Raven & the Medicine Card deck (Jamie Sams & David Carson), ask for guidance for a particular aspect of your life, or open up to receive any wisdom or messages.

Here, I am a vessel. You draw the cards (1-3 of them), and I offer an interpretation of the animal’s symbolism & natural habits, as well as guidance rooted in the Medicine Card book, Animal Speak, and my totems and experiences with animals.

Session includes

30-minute reading
a journal prompt
typed summary

$50 per session

Animal Totem Medicine Card Spread

Discover the nine animal totems here to guide you through life! Each one is rich in meaning, and presents a specific kind of message for different aspects of your subconscious and conscious mind. This lengthy spread is only performed once.

Session includes

1-hour session
9-card pull
guidance + mantras
recommendations for home practices
typed summary for each card

$100 per session