Anna’s teaching style has completely revolutionized my practice! Through her positive and gentle guidance, I have achieved many milestones in my practice, that otherwise seemed far out of reach.
— Jordan, a yoga student
Anna, you’re incredible. I came in with a belief that weed would make it less serious, but instead I found myself in one of the more challenging classes with some of the more capable practitioners I have had the opportunity to practice with! The challenge was completely independent of the weed, in the best ways. The smoke added a new twist (forgive the pun) and I look forward to my next class.
— Neel, a student
I started practicing yoga at 70. Now, I’m 73, and after Anna’s class, I feel like a million bucks!
— Richard, a yoga student
A million thank you’s to this woman who changed my life after I was having seizures and feeling totally hopeless. She’s taught me to love and forgive myself and how to be happy. If you even need a meditation teacher or life guidance, contact Anna.
— Lyssa, a private meditation student
I knew for a while that I wanted do a morning yoga session before getting ready for my wedding. Doing a private session with Anna was exactly what I needed. She took a minute or two to understand what exactly I wanted to get out out of the session, so didn’t feel like the structure was routine. More than just talking me through the poses, she took time to gently position my body so that I was doing the poses correctly. As a beginner, that was great. Her style is very calming, so I actually felt like I had time to myself before the wedding even though she was there with me.
— Kia, a private yoga student
I’m so incredibly thankful that I met you. Hands down the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had. You’re so patient and kind, and you challenge me, and I absolutely love it! Thank you for making me so much more comfortable about yoga and really understanding the movements. You’re one of a kind and that’s for sure!
— Brooke, a student
Your meditation class has helped me so much.
— Heather, a yoga & meditation student
Anna is a true healer. She listens to where I am and how my body feels and responds with a uniquely crafted flow session that leaves me feeling lighter, calmer, and more open in my body.
— Liz, a private yoga student
I have been practicing the stretches from class, and it’s been so wonderful!
— Tara, a corporate meditation student